Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Trip Lessons

So lately I have been into learning lessons from daily adventures. Today, my parents and I drove from Little Rock to Minnesota and holy cow...what a drive. We had detours sprouting up like leprechauns because of flooding still!! But here are some of the lessons I did learn:

1. You know you are in Iowa when cell service disappears and plugging your nose becomes a permanent position.

2. You know your way too much of a Transformers nerd when you yell out "Transformer!" and slightly take cover when You pass 2 Hi-Boy Sprayers. (tractors with really tall legs used to water the crops)

3. You know you are getting old when you look in the review mirror and give your dad the exact same look he has given you for 22 years that's says: "I'm driving. Think twice before you say one word about it"...and it actually works! He miraculousy didn't comment! Guess I learned from the master himself. His fault. :)

4. Detours through Iowa are the worst possible detours in the world. My advice? Ignore the detours and force your way through any obstacles.

5. The stereotype "woman don't know what they want", is best defined in my mom through her inability to find a comfortable temperature in the car.

Those are just a few. Nothing too life changing, but I think worth writing down. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and literally run to Hy-Vee where I will meet my grandparents, parents, and the other local farmers for breakfast at the deli. Yay!

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