Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't Wait

I can't wait to live in the same town as a Starbucks again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain-Cupcakes-Movies-Backroads = Typical Monday

This rain is just crazy. And Tornadoes everywhere are crazy. Last night, my parents lost electricity and they are in for Round II tonight! Oh boy...

However, while they are dealing with storms I will be giving my last group presentation, for my last night class ever in college!! woo hoo!

I just made the PowerPoint today!! :) haha...of course I waited until that last minute..silly you for thinking I would do otherwise.

I made 42 cupcakes funfetti cupcakes yesterday. I don't care what kind of cake you order or how much you spend, you CANNOT, I repeat: CANNOT, beat the taste of that batter. It is just, I mean...I don't even have words to describe how yummy it is. Go get some now. You deserve it.

I also wrote a paper. Skipped work because of the rain. Watched Charlie St. Cloud- so good (and not just because of Mr. Gorgeous himself although he was a delightful addition). I am going to get the book though. I have a feeling it is 20x's better.

And then, to top it all off, I went back roading with my friend I call Cowboy to see all the flooding that has occurred. We saw a two story house flooded up to the second story and then we managed to drive through some pretty flooded spots while riding on the backroads, windows down, music up. mmhmm good.

No, that's not us...but I just wanted to give you a mental image. Your welcome.

And then we maybe snuck in a scoop of ice cream from Braums. (I have no self-control.)

All before I went home to finish the paper and go to bed!

Tuesday is not looking/going nearly as good. But that's okay.

Have a Happy Tuesday and if you are anywhere near the state of Arkansas, you might as well start carrying a big orange life jacket around because it won't be long before we are swimming our way to class and work.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Depressing Announcements

So I get newsletters for Jason Mraz because he is awesome, right?

Well, I got one today that announced my main man is adding a new fun stop on his tour. Of course, I get intrigued and look at site, all to find out...the new addition...

It is here:

France. Hossegor, France.

So much for a fun announcement news letter.

Oh but I have a story for you:

This morning, I was making a smoothie and as I was stirring the mixture, I pushed the button. And yup, all the smoothie, blender explosions you see in the movies... It happened to me. I had smoothie thrown all over my face and yes I was all ready for the day.

It happened and I just laughed. Now I regret not taking a picture to share with you. I am sure you could have used a laugh. Hopefully the story sufficed. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Bedtime

Hello friends.

I spent the weekend in Little Rock. We had family dinner over at my sister's house last night. I didn't want to leave so late/ wanted to sleep in my bed so I decided to leave in the morning.

But downside: I have a 9:00am class. Therefore, my day went like this:

4:30 wake up
5:00 depart
5:30 stop for gas in Conway
6:30 stop for Venti Iced Coffee with 3 pumps SF Vanilla from Starbucks
7:30 blare music so I don't fall asleep
8:00 stop to go the bathroom in Rudy and get SF Red Bull since I am still falling asleep.
8:30 arrive to class with time to spare. Go me!
10:15 accidental two hour nap, late for work
12:45 arrive at work in Fayetteville
1:00 boss tells me I have a flat
2:00 look at my flat, think about changing it myself, but I called AAA instead since that is why we pay them.
3:00 nice AAA Man comes and puts my donut on- awesomely ghetto now.
4:00 leave for Siloam
5:00 grab salad at Arby's
5:30 class
7:30 Study Time
8:30 Talk to you. :)

It's been a long day and although I need to study for this test, my intentions are to go get my last thing of ice cream for the next month(swim suit season is coming up, hop in bed, and fall asleep to P.S. I Love You.

(Confession: When I finish this movie I can't help but declare out loud: "Yes, I love you too.")

Hope you guys had a decent Monday!! I'm gonna go home and watch him. Isn't he just lovely?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I don't want my favorite American Idolists to win

Guys- we have reached the Top 9 on American Idol and this has by far been my favorite season since season one probably minus this guy:

Yeah-him on the left, I don't even know his name nor do I care. He was the worst.

Anyways, this season has been awesome. I love love love the judges and I mean, I can be critical but these three judges mixed with Ryan's hosting skills, I love. They just look more fun, don't they?

Now, I have two favorites from this season and I praying they don't win. Yes, I said don't. Here they are, Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams:

I know that sounds contradictory but in case you haven't noticed, the albums pronounced by American Idol winners after the show are usually for lack of a better word, crap. Even Kelly's and Carrie's were not so great, and the rest of them, well, I couldn't even tell you one song off their albums.

People like Chris Daughtery, Kelli Pickler, and Jennifer Hudson have not been finalists but they have gone on to succeed tremendously.

However, I am very disappointed by Kris Allen, David Cooke, and Lee DeWyze. All three of these guys are phenomenal but when the record producers of American Idol take over and work with them to produce their albums, it seems as though they take away the rawness we initially loved about them. They add stupid poppy beats and try to make it something that may only appeal to a few 13-year-old girls who don't really know how to appreciate good music.

This is why I don't want Casey or Scotty to win.

I want them to get out and do their own style because that is what I love: their uniqueness and their style. Yesterday, I bought Casey's song from last week, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?", and they have ruined it! Okay, not ruined because I still listen to it, BUT it was not nearly as good as it was live on the show because they added this stupid poppy beat the starts in at the beginning of the song and doesn't go away.

They take away the beauty of the artist and try to make them into something they are not. It's lame and I don't want my two men to get sucked into it.

So out of hopes that some awesome record producers are watching the show and sees the talent I see, I will not be voting for those two. I hope that don't hate me for it because I love them.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Psalm 22:1-5

My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?
Far from my deliverance are the words of my groaning.
my God, I cry by day, but You do not answer;
And by night, but I have no rest.


O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel.
In You our fathers trusted;
They trusted and You delivered them.
To You they cried out and were delivered;
n You they trusted and were not disappointed.

That is one small word but it means so much.

I am depending on that "yet" right now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

For Colton

I got one of those phone calls today.

The phone call that starts out with "I have some bad news." Automatically your brain goes towards the worst.

It was Lindsey, my big sister calling, and I automatically thought about Damon or my new niece, Collins, and the rest of my family members. But, then she delivers the news and although its not a close family member, I gasp in shock at the horrible news.

Our good family friend, Colton Burran, passed away in a four-wheeling accident.

So Colton...

I don't know how to respond in situations like this. I just saw you a couple weeks ago at church and although we were not super close, we had some fun times together.

We always ended up seeing each other at Razorback games and sometime out on the town in Little Rock. And every time I saw you, a huge smile would spread across my face.

When you would come over for family dinners, you always fit right in. Whether bantering back and forth with Abby while playing Mario Cart, joining Damon in his ridiculousness, including the way-too drawn out southern accent rants, helping Mom with the dishes, talking politics with Dad, or making me laugh until I cry just about every time, you were so fun and such a joy to have around. It was a like a present, having you around.

You were so kind, smart, and loving. You made everyone feel like they were someone, like they were important or what they said was valuable.

We loved having you around and right now, I can't believe you are gone.

My first response was shock, then sadness, then anger, and now just frustration and confusion.

I don't get it. I don't get why you had to leave so early. I can already tell by comments on your facebook, people are trying to make the best of it saying they can't wait to see you again. I can tell you had such a huge and positive influence on the family and friends in your life.

And this I, too, am so thankful for. Don't get me wrong. I am so excited to one day see you in Heaven. The idea of it is about the only thing that has brought a smile to my face today. After all, God was an obvious priority in your life.

However, as of right now, I can't find the comfort. I want too, but I can't.

I hope your family and friends are finding peace and comfort. I am praying that they do. And I will find it, I will, but right now it just sucks.

It's just painful and confusing. I can't help but think you could have remained here and done so much more work for the Kingdom.

Why did you have to go?

I hope you know how much you are already missed and how awesome of a person we all think you are. You have made a big difference in my life and will forever be in my memories.

Until Heaven.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break Re-Cap

Last week was Spring Break and let me just tell you: it was amazing.

No, I didn't go skiing or go to the beach or go on some crazy road trip... I just went home. And in hindsight, I could not have asked for anything better.

I had no plans for the week and if you know me, that is a big deal. I love to plan and I like to have plans.

However, what started out as a an empty week, finished as a week full of relaxation, adventures, and great memories with my family and the Trio.

Molly had the same Spring Break as me, so that was awesome. We got to spend a lot of time together and pretty much bummed it for most of the week. We drove around, ate out a lot, and took quite a few naps.

A few highlights from the week include:

Bon Fire (duh, we had s'mores and guitars and country music)
Karaoke at the Town Pump
The Zoo
Family Time aka Collins time
Lunch dates with the parents
As always, Bar Louie
Day trip to Hot Springs, for Crawfish. Yes, just for Crawfish.
Driving the tractor with Molz
House sitting for the amazing Courtney Roberson
Waffle House
Cook out with the fam, Mason, and Molly
The Trio getting feathers in our Hair
St. Patrick's Day Celebration

I think that is about it... it was a fun week and I want to go back. However, this week happened and it is almost over. It was crazy. I have four papers to write and still have one to do today. I am going to go try and get on it and get ready for another bon fire tonight! (It won't be same without the Trio & Co from the first bon fire ;) ).

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend! And PTL the sun is finally out!!
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