Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bachelorette Party

So I don't know how many of you know this, but my older sister Abby is getting married! Oh yeah...gettin' hitched. And can I just ask why it is that every time I tell people that, they all say "why aren't you stopping her?"

I mean, people. Marriage is and can be a good, happy thing. And then they go to validate my singleness like I have a golden star hanging above my head. "You are doing it the right way."  What? Living only for myself, doing what I want to do, and failing to commit to love someone else for the rest of my life? 

Pssshh...whatevs. She is getting married and I am so very happy for her (even though her fiance can drive me nuts! Love you, Trent!).  I will get there one day. 

Anyway, last weekend, we had her bachelorette party in Memphis. It was nine girls and I must admit, I was dreading the weekend because big groups of girls out on the town,  having a good time, can really make my blood pressure rise and I start freaking out. 

However, it was Abby's big weekend and I sucked it up. Plus, Molly and Kat were there to so at least I would always have back up. 

The road trip there was purrty dang good. Windows down, 90's Hits list playing on Pandora...aahhhh, road trips.  Us three were perfectly happy and content. But that can't be said for the others. You see, we drove separately. The others road in two vehicles and it was a person in each who delayed their trip causing a lot bigger delay than they imagined. Before they left town, Abby decided she really needed fake eyelashes because well, she is Abby and she is the bell of the ball. Lindsey, the other sister, needed Sonic, because she is addicted to their happy hour beverages. (Yes, the addiction runs in the family).  This caused about a 20 minute gap which caused them to get stuck behind a GI-normous wreck involving semi-s and cars, and fatalities. 

Their delay lasted them 2.5 hours!! So it took them almost 4 hours to get to Memphis. A trip which should normally take about 2 hours. Whew. I am glad I have addressed my sonic addiction and that fake eyelashes are not necessary for a good night out. :) 

Meanwhile, once we got there, Molly, Kat, and I checked-in:

Pssshh...who are those two bums?

And then we went to check out the local pool in case we wanted to have a pool party.

Definitely pool party environment, right? Even if our only guest would be the sweet maid Rose who took our picture. I think she thought we were nuts.

Anyways....we proceeded to hang out. I worked out and the girls got ready until everyone else arrived. Then we went out to go get seats at a restaurant for dinner. We went to 152 on Beale Street.

 That's us. And we got to hear this really cool band called Irish Red. Check out their logo.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Then, after dinner....we went out and walked around. 
It was my first time out on Beale Street so we started the walk out right with what is called a "Big Ass Beer."  I can't help it. The trio can't help it. We like beer.

Oh and apparantly being with like 9 really dressed up, pretty girls is like walking around with signs on your head saying look at us.  We were literally out on Beale street for about 1 minute when two different girls came up saying, "so my friend thinks you are really hot..." to which I responded..."then you can tell him to come and tell me that...".  Bad idea though. Because one did, and then he wouldn't leave. Like literally.

All of us girls were trying to just move and on and keep walking but he kept following. So a bouncer at one of the places noticed and asked if he was bothering us. We said yes and he said, okay, come in here and follow this girl. So all of us, like a little line of ants when into this bar/restaurant and before we knew it, she lead us through like three back doors and three different restaurants and walked us out to the top of Beale Street. We had our own personalized escape route! It was awesome..

Then, we ran into a bachelors party who wanted us to "ice" their groom with a Smirnoff. Here is Abby and him and their big, ginormous, really gross tasting drinks. (Don't worry, Abby did not drink all of that!)

After walking around for quite a while, we decided it was time to go dance. We went back to 152 and got our groove on for a while. Three different levels to dance on, three different levels of fun. We chose level 3. Duh.

Here we are dancing. :) Could ya tell?

Then we decided it was time to go to this place called Raiford's. Now, Kathrine had told me all about this place and I was just like ya, ya,, dance...good time...whatevs. But NO. I was very wrong. This place was amazing. You walk in and they have this white fog over the whole place so it is not dark inside at all, but kinda blurry. And the best part is, they play all old music...aka good music..aka the kind of music I really like to dance too. I loved this place. They have teeny-tiny dance floor with a drum set on it that anyone and everyone is welcome to play. See: Here is Abby's best friend
Candace jamming away. She was actually pretty good. :)

OH! And also, I think I found my soul mate there. I don't know his name but at one point during the night he caught my eye because he was singing every word to every song like I was and he was pretty darn cute. So in the middle of dancing with some random guy who I had no idea who he was, I went over to him and I said: "You! Why are you not out here on the floor dancing?! You know every word. Get out here."

So he did. And we dance for like an hour and 1/2 singing all different sorts of songs to each other from Tina Turner to Micheal Jackson to The Police. It was awesome. But I didn't even get his name. So he is that kinda soul of the mysterious ones. But I was so excited because when I was looking through pictures, I realized I got snap shot of him. That is right. He is in the picture above. Here, let me zoom in for you:

There he is!! The guy with the glasses not the other guys. (Eeek!) My soul mate who I don't even know the name of! I was dancing with him at that point too but you can't see me. Oh wellz. Probably for the best.

So Raiford's was a blast. I want to go back so bad but it wasn't the end of the night yet.  Our friend Clark, who the Trio met in Florida a couple summers ago lives in Memphis. He came out and met us and then invited us all back to his apartment. And check out the view from his apartment downtown:

That's right. His apartment looked right over the Redbirds Field. I would love love love that. I would never ever ever leave my apartment during baseball season. We just sat and threw rocks off the roof and prayed no one would fall. :) And we didn't. Eventually we all made it safe and sound back to the hotel. 

Then Sunday, we made the trip home back to the LR. The weekend was an overall success, so much fun and now starting today the rest of the wedding festivities begin! 

I hope you guys have a great weekend and for those of you who care, I am really going to try and better at blogging. Life gets in the way. (excuses, I know).

Ciao bellas!

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