Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For the love of pizza

In honor of that handsome fella overseas,
a poem about pizza, which he may miss more than me! :)

Remember that time, you had that meal?
I think it was called pizza, it was a big deal. 
But of that exact time, I bet you can't really recall
Since we consumed it religiously, incapable of ever hitting a wall. 

There is something about pizza, that can't be defined.
It doesn't matter when, where or even what kind. 

Pizza is something that brought us together.
 I think its a part of what makes us fly like two birds of a feather. 
Although when apart, we may choose different flavors
Together, we always agree on something we can both savor. 
No black olives for me and extra artichokes for him,
between the opposing flavors, we'll always manage, finding ways to bend. 

Somehow or another pizza could define our weekend, 
Beginning on Fridays with Damgoode Pies and some friends.
Then on Saturdays, following football or duck calls,
To Little Ceasars, you know it, $5 pizzas for all!
Finally, on Sunday, winding down in the evening
Zaza's! The perfect and "healthier" choice, after some reasoning.

Just one slice is for pansies and two is one too few,
but add just one more, and for me, that'll due!!
But YOU, Mr. Handsome Italian Pie king, 
5 pieces for you, well that ain't no thing! 

I bet your taste buds are so mad at you, too.
Hell, mine would be! This kind of deprivation never would do!
But it's all for the cause, so I know they'll survive!
And in just a couple of months, the pizza taste will revive! 

Oh pizza, dear pizza, how much we love you. 
and for that handsome fella, a poem has ensued. 
Upon his return, a pizza binge will occur
but up until then, one thing I assure,
I'll enjoy it for the two of us,
I promise to do so without any fuss. 

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