Thursday, February 24, 2011

Double-dose of Grad Lessons

“You know Jordan, my dad always told me a parked car never goes anywhere. You have to put it in drive and give it some gas and then you will go places.”

As I was sitting in Walker this morning, this is the advice my friend Lydia told me as I began to complain about not knowing what to do after graduation, which may I add is only a bittersweet nine weeks from now.

But, that is the big question on all the senior’s minds right now and if it is not, then that is because they either have a job promised (lucky ducks) or they are in even worse condition than I am which let me say is not good.

Everyone is asking it: “What are you going to do after graduation?” And by now, most of us have a memorized answer consisting of a few options that sound good but really are just vague ideas you have thought of. Some say they have turned in applications to some corporation, some are looking at internships…again… and then some are going to graduate school. However, my favorite and the one that I used a lot last semester was this: “I am not really sure but I am just going to wait to see where God leads”.

Oh yes, I wore that saying out quicker than Paris Hilton’s famous line: “That’s hot”.

It’s not that there is no truth to the statement but for those of us who really don’t know what we want to do; it can become an excuse to do nothing. To simply sit back, not apply for jobs, not make connections and then we find ourselves back in the bedroom of our parent’s house where pictures of you and your high school buddies are still hung. It’s like you have to start all over again except this time you have $100,000 degree in your back pocket, weighing you down.

Talk about pressure.

However, I am learning this is not going to work. I don’t want to end up back in my parents’ house and I am sure that it not the dream for you. If it is, then more power to you. I wish you all the happiness in world.

But today in our chapel, Blake Mycoskie, the very attractive founder of TOMS, see:

{gawking..gawking..okay back to it}

Well, in his talk he simply reiterated what Lydia was teaching me in Walker. Blake explained how all of his success and all of his growth as a company did not happen until he had all ready gone “all in”. He had invested everything he had into the company. He put the car in drive and gave it some gas, and then it took off. Now look at where he is!!

So I had double the wake-up call today, one from a close friend and one from a very successful business entrepreneur. The call is simply to go all in. We can’t just sit around and let God move our car for us. We have to put it in drive and give it some gas. We have to take the initiative. This means trying to find something we are really passionate about whether an organization, a cause, a story, a hobby, whatever it may be. Find something that awakes the dreamer and passions deep within you and pursue it hard core. Give away your resume, even if it is to 100 different companies. Keep trying, keep going.

This is a big time of life we are about to embark on. God’s on our side. We are a part of His plan which includes both failures and successes. But YOU and I have to try!

We won’t go anywhere in park. So join with me as I hop in my car, take the scary risk of putting it in drive, and put that pedal to the medal. Once we get going, let us refuse to stop until we have reached the destination God wants us to reach.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Engagement = Needing Someone

So last night I had a dream I got a boy... (yay)...and his name was Branton.

I don't think I know a Branton and even if I do, well I didn't know this guy. But he was charming and beautiful and just perfect. He pulled out the ring and it was so beautiful and simple and he placed it on my finger.

However, my first response was not yes... instead, it was: "You want to marry me?!"

I couldn't believe somebody so great wanted to marry me. (I don't mean for that to sound cynical or like a Debbie-downer, but it was just my thought.)

I just hope that thought and feeling will be real one day.

There was really nothing more to the dream. I remember we told my mom and she was happy and that's all.

But it was weird. And since I have been awake, I can't stop thinking about it.

I don't think I am ready to be married nor do I want to be. However, I would like to be able to find that someone I can't live without. The someone that I need in order to breathe. I haven't found that person.

I have been very successful so far in life at going through without "needing" anyone. Yes, I love my friends and have claimed to be "in love". I know I need people in the sense I would not be the same without them and I need my friends and family to keep me level headed, but there is not that dependence.

I am Miss Independent, Kelly. (okay, not really)

It just takes a lot to make me miss people and need people.

I wonder if something or someone can change this someday?

(every girl wants a fairy tale, even me.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am kind of indifferent towards the holiday but in spite of the lack of love in my life, I decided to post my favorite on screen couples. I mean, hey, that is what Hollywood is for right? To live vicariously through the people's lives who always seems better than our own? :)

Anyways, I hope you find somebody to love on and have a great holiday!

And please, don't be one of those people who act like they hate the holiday just because they are alone. Alone can be a lot better sometimes.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow....

I am so thankful for this snow day. Really. I have so much to do and it was all due today and I was extremely stressed. However, once again, God answers prayers through snow. Yay.

So I wake up this morning and Ashleigh comes pouncing in my room, sits on my bed and starts explaining like an excited puppy dog how she has been up since 6:00, so excited about the snow. haha. I love her.

We then decide to get breakfast. Ashleigh: bowl of fruit loops and three mini chocolate donuts. Me: a healthy choice of Cinnamon Poptarts, warmed in the oven since we don't have toaster. They tasted better. I am sure of it.

Then we decided to do some baking because as we can all recently testify, that is what snow days are for: to cook, eat, nap, and watch a lot of TV or movies...and the cycles continues for the whole day.

We attempted to make these chocolate cookie crinkles and lets just say that failed completely. What came of it was some rock like mixture that tasted burnt. I think we had the wrong kind of chocolate.

Then we decided to go with the classic I make all the time. My grandma's sugar cookies aka Grandma Pearl's Sugar Cookies. There is really no better sugar cookie recipe out there.

Then I looked outside and said crap Ash...this snow storm is going to keep us trapped forever. We need to start rationing out our food. So we decided to take inventory. And here is what we have:

Bread + peanut butter + jelly = PB&J

Bread + cheese = Grilled cheese

Bread + peanut butter + jelly = Grilled PB&J

Tortillas + cheese = quesadilla

Tortillas + nutella = snack

Eggs + cheese + tortilla = breakfast burrito

Chips + salsa + queso = Mexican fiesta

Fruit loops + string = portable snack, for us girls on the go

Frozen chicken + frozen hamburger + quesadillas = supper

Frozen chopped spinach. Enough said.

Peach tea + ice = drink

Peach tea + ice cream = peach tea ice cream. AKA snow cones.

Rice-a-roni = rice

Rice-a-roni + chicken = meal

Can of soup + another can of soup = lunch for 2

Canned chicken. Don't judge.

Ramen instant lunch = fast afternoon meal

Mac and cheese = uh...mac and cheese

Peanut butter + spoon = sustainability snack

Chocolate chip banana bread

1 corn bread muffin

Frito dip + fritos = yum

Mexican marias gamesa cookies = delicious

Noodles = Divine Italian meal



Canned peaches = healthy

3 apples

Block of cheese for eating casually

Frozen fruit

Potato chips for being a couch potato

Pudding mix

Homemade sugar cookies {photos to come later!}

4 Halls sugar free cough drops

I think we should be okay. What do you think?

(out of our front door at 6 am and it is still snowing! over 2 feet now!)

Enjoy the snow!! I am ready to go have an amazing snowball fight after I get done watching The Grinch.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

That Thing You Do! Guy and Fey

I love this movie...with a passion. It is one of my Top 5's.

I remember seeing this movie in theaters when I was in the second grade at the Wynsong Movie Theater in Little Rock.

Back then, the kiss made me cringe and I am sure I turned my face yelling "ewwww...gross...make it stop."

But now, it is one of my most favorite on screen kisses

and boy, what a kiss it is. Whew!

Then, It is watching a kiss like that, that makes me remember kisses can sometimes be much more than just a kiss and they can mean much more than we mean for them too.
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