Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow....

I am so thankful for this snow day. Really. I have so much to do and it was all due today and I was extremely stressed. However, once again, God answers prayers through snow. Yay.

So I wake up this morning and Ashleigh comes pouncing in my room, sits on my bed and starts explaining like an excited puppy dog how she has been up since 6:00, so excited about the snow. haha. I love her.

We then decide to get breakfast. Ashleigh: bowl of fruit loops and three mini chocolate donuts. Me: a healthy choice of Cinnamon Poptarts, warmed in the oven since we don't have toaster. They tasted better. I am sure of it.

Then we decided to do some baking because as we can all recently testify, that is what snow days are for: to cook, eat, nap, and watch a lot of TV or movies...and the cycles continues for the whole day.

We attempted to make these chocolate cookie crinkles and lets just say that failed completely. What came of it was some rock like mixture that tasted burnt. I think we had the wrong kind of chocolate.

Then we decided to go with the classic I make all the time. My grandma's sugar cookies aka Grandma Pearl's Sugar Cookies. There is really no better sugar cookie recipe out there.

Then I looked outside and said crap Ash...this snow storm is going to keep us trapped forever. We need to start rationing out our food. So we decided to take inventory. And here is what we have:

Bread + peanut butter + jelly = PB&J

Bread + cheese = Grilled cheese

Bread + peanut butter + jelly = Grilled PB&J

Tortillas + cheese = quesadilla

Tortillas + nutella = snack

Eggs + cheese + tortilla = breakfast burrito

Chips + salsa + queso = Mexican fiesta

Fruit loops + string = portable snack, for us girls on the go

Frozen chicken + frozen hamburger + quesadillas = supper

Frozen chopped spinach. Enough said.

Peach tea + ice = drink

Peach tea + ice cream = peach tea ice cream. AKA snow cones.

Rice-a-roni = rice

Rice-a-roni + chicken = meal

Can of soup + another can of soup = lunch for 2

Canned chicken. Don't judge.

Ramen instant lunch = fast afternoon meal

Mac and cheese = uh...mac and cheese

Peanut butter + spoon = sustainability snack

Chocolate chip banana bread

1 corn bread muffin

Frito dip + fritos = yum

Mexican marias gamesa cookies = delicious

Noodles = Divine Italian meal



Canned peaches = healthy

3 apples

Block of cheese for eating casually

Frozen fruit

Potato chips for being a couch potato

Pudding mix

Homemade sugar cookies {photos to come later!}

4 Halls sugar free cough drops

I think we should be okay. What do you think?

(out of our front door at 6 am and it is still snowing! over 2 feet now!)

Enjoy the snow!! I am ready to go have an amazing snowball fight after I get done watching The Grinch.

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