Friday, March 7, 2014

Would you Re-Pin something from my life?

Source: Sweet Southern Nights

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that "inspiration" is much easier to find now-a-days than ever before.

When you think about it, all these Tumblrs, blogs, and most obviously the site Pinterest allow browsers like you and I to look at things that inspire us.

The definition of inspire is to fill with the urge or the ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  So typically what happens is we see something, an image or a saying we either relate too or think helps display a part of who we are, and then we re-pin, re-post, or react to it. All these images or sayings help build a pretty profile of ourselves for other people to look at.

Today I wondered, what if we did this more often with people. Call it discipleship, friendship, counseling, being a social human being or whatever you want, but I do wonder what would happen if we took time watching, learning, and observing the good or inspiring things in the people around us and then "repin" or "repost" them into our own lives.

I am sure for those of us who have Pinterest, our boards and profiles are full of pretty things that we hope portray that ideal version of ourselves.  We take the good from other Pinners' profiles and make it a part of ours.

There are a lot people in this world and they all have pretty parts.  (I know this because God Created them and He creates really pretty things. so ha!)   Don't you think we would all do ourselves a solid to seek the pretty parts in people, gather them all up, and reflect them in our own lives?

Although portraying a pretty version of yourself is much easier online, you do, believe it or not, have the power within you to take the good over the bad and the pretty over the ugly from people in your life.  When you realize that and begin to actually do it, you can create a beautiful being who others couldn't help but want to re-pin or repost those things into their very own lives.

So go! and be re-pinnable!

Happy Friday Everyone!

(PS- Why the Full House picture you may ask? Well duh- because I have never seen a prettier group of people-75% due to John Stamos- nor have I ever learned so many life lessons from anyone else as I did from the Tanners.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shakin' down Borders.

So there is this song. It is a Christian song and is new to the music world. If you listen to Christian music or go to a more contemporary church, you may have heard it. If not, then well, you can listen to it here. In fact, go ahead and play it while you read this post. It's great.

But...the reason I am sharing this song with you is because there are couple of lines in it that are so good but I am finding so hard to live out at this time in my life. 

I can tell the Lord is wanting to lead me somewhere new- down a path that I wouldn't have thought or expected. Although change is exciting and new, it is creating within me a fear.  I heard somewhere the other day that the moment the Lord shows you where He wants you to go or what He wants you to do, Satan will rise up and say "You can't!".  

This is where the big waves have rushed in under my feet and I can't seem to look away from them. My trust needs to be renewed and it needs to have the borders stripped away from it so I can look up. Or maybe the opposite. Maybe I need to focus on looking up and then the borders will be stripped away and the waves won't seem so big. 

Yesterday, as I was thinking about this, I began to wonder what my borders are.  The definition of a border is "the edge or boundary of something, or the part near it."

Praying for my trust to be without borders is praying that my trust has no boundaries,  no limitations, NOTHING that could stop me from trusting in Christ. Still, that doesn't answer what my boundaries are. What it is that I am letting stop me from keeping my eyes above the waves?

My prayer is for God to reveal those boundaries and then remove them because I sure can't seem to shake them. However, the other good thing about this song is that it reminds us of a truth we can always hold too:

May this line too deliver you comfort and hope in the midst of wherever you are in your walk with Christ.

Friday, October 4, 2013


At my work we talk a lot about detox.  We focus on cleansing our bodies down to a cellular level in efforts to rid ourselves of all the yucky toxins we consume, inhale, and take in every single day. We eat bad foods, we put toxic cosmetics on our skin, we use toxic cleaning supplies and we inhale pollutants every time we step outside. All of these toxins built up in our system contribute to illness and disease. Detox is meant to reverse that.  It is meant to hit a restart button on your body, getting rid of all toxins and getting your body back to its powerful, original healing state of being.

Well, the point of this is not to encourage you to detox even though you probably should. ;)  I am just curious if anyone is like me and wonders that like we detox our bodies, if we could ever detox our life?
Do you ever feel like your life is so messy at the moment that if someone were to ask you what is wrong, you couldn't even find the answer?  And then somehow you may muster up an answer but it really isn't the answer or it is just a minuscule part of the overall problem?

A little honesty here but I feel that way about my life sometimes...and by sometimes...I mean right now.  I love my life.  I am so blessed to have the people in my life that keep me sane and love me for who I am.  However, I feel like I am relationally toxic right now.  I feel like a big mess that can't figure anything out, can't get to the root of any problem, and really can't find a solution and it is negatively affecting everyone around me, including the people I love the most.  

So, all I want to do is detox.  I want to hit a restart button and go back to my original state- a person that is relationally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy. Anyone have a detox program for that?! Physical detox allows our bodies to create a healing environment to fight off illness and I want my detox to create a person who is loving, gracious, kind and uplifting.

Sadly, I don't have a program for that and I am not sure anyone really does.  However, one of my favorite sayings that always helps is "look at the stars".  Not because I am a Coldplay fan but because when life down here on earth gets so messy, God brings that to the forefront of my mind.  He simply tells me to look at the stars.  He reminds me that the God who created the magnificent universe and all of its splendor loves me and will take care of me. He has a complete plan with the end already set it place. The journey I am on and you are on, well this messiness is all a part of it.  We just have to sometimes hit re-start and refocus our lives on our sole purpose.  We have to muddle our way through the muck, do a little detoxing, and get back to how we were created.

My plan is and I encourage everyone else to just take a little life assessment if they feel thier life is as a messy as mine. Just two questions:

1. Where is your mind?  Are you mentally guarded with truth?  Are you filling up your mind with what is good, pure and right?  Are you thinking positively about yourself or negatively about yourself? Find one affirmation about yourself and repeat it every day until it becomes an unchangeable truth in your life. For me- I am emotionally intelligent/Christ-like minded in my daily interactions.  Write one down on your mirror with an expo marker and repeat it to yourself every day.

2. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Are they toxic or are they uplifting?  You need balance. Are you influencing them for the good or are they influencing you for the bad?  If they are influencing you negatively, then you need to step aside.  Do a little detoxing, hit a little re-set, and start over.

That's the only two steps I have for now. I'll test the waters and see how they do.  If you want to see change, then you must take the actions to do so. Otherwise, you and I have no room to complain.

Have a great weekend!



oh and PS-  Fall is coming! eeekk!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I'm Loving.

Just a few little things that I've been loving on lately but mainly one worth sharing:

This video is of the Mrs. Meyer's behind Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.  The creator of the product was her daughter but she named it after her "practical" mother.  This video proves why.  Not only is her first name Thelma, it was also her 81st birthday on August 12th.  Check out this video about her life. There is something so raw, simple, pleasant and yes, practical about it. We need more people like her in this world. 

Some other inspirations: 

Sweet Immunity: Everyday Detox Smoothie Recipe from The Chalkboard. (an AWESOME site, btw.)

My 5:30am Bikini Blaster Routine from Blogilates....Eventhough bikini season is almost over and I still have yet to get a summer tan! #busygirlproblems.

Blake Lively- because she always inspires me.

 Words of wisdom

 The dream water colored print version of myself.

And nautical themed decor. I am obsessed with navy.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe weekend and remember to love on your family and friends! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Wise Cat and Myself.

I have always wanted to own a children's bookstore.  And yes- 50% of that is due to the influence of the movie You Got Mail in my life; however, the other 50% comes from the genuine love of children's books.  From the illustrations to the characters to the stories and the adventures, children's books always set your imagination into motion and bring you into a world that you wish was your very own.

The past weekend I was reminded of that desire when I read a nighttime story to a little boy I was babysitting. The book was called Three Samurai Cats retold by Eric A. Kimmel.  Now from first glance, I probably would have never picked the book up. Guilty: I'm one to judge a book by it's cover. However, it was the book the boy chose so I went with it and surprise, surprise, I learned a a little lesson- something else children's books are notorious for.

In the book, after a continuous battle between three different samurai cats and a ferocious rat, the third samurai, who was the oldest and most ragged, finally conquers the rat by patiently waiting for the rat to essentially defeat itself.

The author summed up the lesson at the end of the book: Draw strength from stillness.  Learn to act without acting.

Honestly, I had to think about that for a second and I still do, but I have realized that sometimes when we feel wronged, or anxious, hurt, frustrated, or unsatisfied with a certain outcome, our first thought is to react.  To look for justice.  To take matters into our hands and "fix it".  We want to right the wrong and mend the broken.  We want to have the old "C" word again, CONTROL.

But on the daily, we need to remind ourselves that most battles are not our own. Especially in relationships where things have gone wrong and there is hurt between both sides. Although, you feel so wronged and hurt and even desire revenge, sometimes you just need to let God handle the situation.

He is the wise one.  He knows the best route to the best results and the best answer and He will get you there.  You are not responsible for making other people see it or understand it.

He's got it. Really. HE'S GOT IT.

So from a wise Cat and myself,

Draw strength from stillness. Learn to act without acting.

God will take care of it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Have patience with all things- but first with yourself."

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” 

For being a girl that suffers from a serious case of the travel-bug, I far too often forget the significance of taking vacations and getting away from my usual environment.  The significance can sometimes come in new memories and fun adventures that are added to the storybook of your life, and other times the significance comes from new lessons or a new understanding of you who are as a person. 

The past weekend, Kathrine and I traveled to LA to visit a friend.  Without a doubt new memories and adventures were created but upon my return home, a new lesson was learned. 

I learned that over the past year I have allowed the influence of people in my life to turn me into someone I am not. And to make matters worse, I realized last night that this person I had become had even convinced my very best friend that this was who I was and how I was going to be for the rest of our lives. Well newsflash: It's not.

Over the year, I became cynical, judgmental, rude, unfriendly, closed-off, angry, selfish, and just flat out ridiculous. 

If you knew me in college or before, you know that the one quality above that existed in me before this past year was the judgmental one.  Yet, even though judgmental, I never let it affect the way that I treated others nor did it ever stop me from becoming friends with someone. 

A few summers ago, I had a big life change when a relationship with a boy I was dating for over a year ended.  He was my best friend at the time and although he was a great guy and boyfriend, after a trip to Florida, I was at a different place in life and I knew we wanted different things. I felt trapped and I didn't even know it until I literally got out of town. I remember that one thing I specifically wanted was to go out, meet new people and do new things.  So that whole summer, that is exactly what I did.  Struggling from the hardships/awkwardnesses of a break-up, my best friends and I rallied and had a summer we will never forget.  We made friends with so many people and made memories that I wouldn't trade the world for. 

The point of that story is this: A week ago, before my trip to LA, I found out that there were a lot of other people visiting our friend at the same time we were there.  When I heard the news, I mumbled, groaned and complained. All I wanted was a trip to get away and not have to deal with people.  I wrote an email to my boyfriend, Dave, asking him in a "joking but serious" manner to pray for me.  You would have thought I was told I was going to be hanging out with Obama or something in the way my attitude about the trip changed. (No- I don't want to hang out with Obama. Ever. )

Fast forward to the end of the trip on Sunday- Kat and I had a blast. I loved everybody I met and was energized from being around new people. I was telling Dave about my trip and how it was so nice to get away and hang out with new people.  He said, "yea-when I get your email, it disheartened me a little bit because that's not you."  Ahhhhh- the moment when words are said that mean little to the deliver but change the world of the receiver. 

I had been trapped and I completely forgot, once again, who I was.  

This past year has been hard.  Although one of the best in many ways, it has also been the hardest for me personally in relationships, friendships, growth, and I guess just growing up.  I let the hard parts get to me.  You know all those quotes that talk about not letting the world harden you?  Yea, well I did that and I didn't even know it.  It was in such a passive way that I was blind to it, my best friend was blind to it, and although he never doubted me or us, Dave probably just wondered "what the heck is going on?" 

At some point, I started letting my circumstances define me.  Negative circumstances brought on negative feelings about myself and about others. I was once again trapped in this place where I wasn't being me and I wasn't being a daughter that my Heavenly Father, would be proud of. 

This vacation to LA got me out of my trap just like my vacation a few summers ago got me out of one. I love what Neil Gaiman says, "Wherever you go, you take yourself with you."  Not only do I believe it is true, I am so very thankful that it is. Not matter where I go, the real me, all of me, will always be there.  Most of my life, I have always liked my personality and be proud of who I was.  But over the past year, I have spent more times than not, not liking myself and not proud of myself because of my circumstances and what they brought out of me.  

Getting away, I got to see the girl I used to be proud of.  The girl that loves meeting new people, loves trying new things, is out-going, friendly and accepting.  The girl that is happy more than she is not.  The girl that not only sees the best in people but works to bring that out of people. I came home knowing it was time for a different kind of break-up but one, that none-the-less, put me back on the path of being and becoming someone not only I am proud but that my family, friends, boyfriend, and most importantly, my Heavenly Father is proud of. 

I don't know if this relates to any of you but if you get one thing out of this- don't be like me and check you in your circumstances.  Are you being a product of your circumstances?  Are you proud of who you are?  If this means you need to get away, then get away.  Traveling is important. Seeing yourself in new, different situations may bring out a side of you you didn't know you had but one that you may love.  Or it may remind you of who you once were or better yet, give you a picture of who you want to be.  

It's a win-win either way.  You just gotta do it. 

Have patience with all things- but first with yourself. Never confuse your mistakes with your value as a human being. You are perfectly valuable, creative, worthwhile person simply because you exist. And no amount of triumphs or tribulations can ever change that.

Saint Frances de Sales

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bikini- turns our swimming into sinking

Hey there friends,

If you haven't seen the video below yet, I would strongly encourage you to watch it. It is about the evolution of the swim suit and the psychological effects it has had on our culture. It is extremely interesting and worth watching.

For those who don't have 10 minutes, a brief summary but PLEASE, just watch the video and then read below the video:

A study was conducted on a group of guys from Princeton.  The purpose was to determine a man's psychological response to seeing people dressed in different amounts of clothes. When shown women dressed scantily or immodestly, their reaction involved two major things:  

1. The same part of the brain that reacts to tools and hammers and things lit up.  Aka- the girls were automatically being viewed as objects. In some men, the part of the brain that thinks beyond the physical and wonders about the actual person, thoughts, and intentions of that person did not light up at all  which is apparently extremely rare. "They are responding to the photos as if they are objects, not people," says Jessica.

2. In a separate study, when shown photos of women in bikinis, the men's brains associated the women with first person action verbs such as:  "I grab",  "I push" and "I handle".  When they saw women dressed modestly, they associated them with third person action verbs such as "she pushes" or "she grabs."

The very first bikinis were worn as a cry for power, equality  and control amongst women.  Little did they know, that instead of giving themselves power as a person, they were giving the men power to view them as an object- something which to be handled.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? A time in history when women strived for equality and power all to their very own demise.

I am thinking of one incident in particular...

I think the girl's name was...oh what was it? Evelyn, Evie, Evangaline....OH!... Eve!! That's what it is.  And she was tempted with an apple in a garden and caused the downfall of, oh ya know, MAN.


Well girls, wouldn't you say it's about time we wake up and start thinking before we act?

In all seriousness, if you watched the video, the facts behind this video are worth contemplating and  it is time that we, women, stop striving for so much stinking power and equality, and rather take a real look at ourselves and think about who we are and what we are about because frankly, you are kidding yourself if you think our generation and those that follow are heading down a good path towards power and equality.

I hate to sound dramatic but it doesn't take a genius to look where we are now and see this. Unfortunately, now-a-days, we live in a world where a bikini is the least of our worries.  We are seeing soft porn on the streets, tv, and movies. It is in our conversations as though we are talking about the weather. Women are less equal than ever before because the majority of us are no longer remember how to act as an actual women.

In the video, Jessica's observations of a man's mental reaction after seeing women in bikinis/revealing clothes can be summed up into two basics. 1. Girls become objects. 2. They are to be controlled or handled.

I don't mean to sound harsh girls, but what don't we get? Pre-apple/Garden of Eden AND pre-bikini we had all the power we needed.  Honestly, we held more power then than we probably ever will because we held pride and dignity in who we were. We presented ourselves as put together and strong.  We were special. Every girl used to be mysteriously beautiful because there were parts of themselves left a mystery. We maybe did shine like diamonds at one point, Rihanna but now we have covered ourselves with filth and dirt as we have naively made ourselves into mere objects.

As I have sat here for the past 24 hours wondering what to do about it,  I came to a really sad/scary conclusion:  I think due to one little thing that our culture has deemed crucial for self-worth,  a large portion of girls wouldn't even be bothered by this reality of being viewed as an object.  This one little thing is called:


It is more evident with each new day.  My generation and those that follow are literally starving for attention and it is a constant competition between us 24/7. We look for attention and it doesn't even matter if it is POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. (Hence, the reason why despite the fact we are viewed as objects, bikinis will never go away.)

If you ask a girl if they would ever consider themselves an object to be handled, they would hopefully answer "No."  However, and I am saying this out of personal experience, when a guy looks at you like you are the prettiest thing he has ever seen, there is the internal satisfaction of the feeling of being wanted that has the power to deceives us into feeling as though maybe being an object just isn't so bad because that desire to be wanted us been fulfilled. So we let the guy view as an object, because we have told ourselves that the one thing worse than being an object, is the fear of being a girl who nobody wants.

However, what Jessica is saying in this video and what we need to start understanding is that by letting ourselves be viewed as objects for the temporary attention and by throwing away our dignity and self worth, all we are doing is generating a FALSE power inside of us that ultimately destroys us. Let me repeat that:  We are creating a FALSE power (false as in fleeting, unreal, not factual, not realistic, far from truth) inside of us that ultimately destroys us.  The end result goes against the very thing we were divinely designed to desire: to be loved, to be cherished, and to be valued for who we are as human being.

Whether you chose to believe it or not, you are a human that was intricately created and designed.  You are NOT an object. That desire to be wanted, loved and cherished is not a bad thing.  It is a beautiful thing and it is designed to be fulfilled.  But how can you expect other's and in this case, men,  to genuinely fulfill those desires when you by your very own actions are stripping that away.

This doesn't mean you need to go buy one pieces and never wear a two piece again but this should challenge your reasoning.  This should challenge your character, your self-perception, your decisions and most of all, your actions.

If you want to be valued, wanted and truly loved, you need to value yourself. If that means a one piece suit, great. If that means changing your perspective, do it.  If that means accepting that you are beautiful and immediate approval from others isn't necessary to feel good about yourself, then do that.
Just remember this: you have the power to determine how others perceive you and how others treat you.  What may initially seem like no big deal or instantly gratifying, can have a much great affect than you know.

Whatever it is, just do something different because the direction we are headed is not good.  I wonder if they first women to step up and wear bikinis would do the same today.  If it really was about power and equality for them, I have a hard time believing they would do it after seeing what it really does. Girls, it's time to step it up and class it up for the sake of who you are and what you are about, because YOU ARE NOT an object to be handled.

It is time to you stop letting the world think that.

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