Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shakin' down Borders.

So there is this song. It is a Christian song and is new to the music world. If you listen to Christian music or go to a more contemporary church, you may have heard it. If not, then well, you can listen to it here. In fact, go ahead and play it while you read this post. It's great.

But...the reason I am sharing this song with you is because there are couple of lines in it that are so good but I am finding so hard to live out at this time in my life. 

I can tell the Lord is wanting to lead me somewhere new- down a path that I wouldn't have thought or expected. Although change is exciting and new, it is creating within me a fear.  I heard somewhere the other day that the moment the Lord shows you where He wants you to go or what He wants you to do, Satan will rise up and say "You can't!".  

This is where the big waves have rushed in under my feet and I can't seem to look away from them. My trust needs to be renewed and it needs to have the borders stripped away from it so I can look up. Or maybe the opposite. Maybe I need to focus on looking up and then the borders will be stripped away and the waves won't seem so big. 

Yesterday, as I was thinking about this, I began to wonder what my borders are.  The definition of a border is "the edge or boundary of something, or the part near it."

Praying for my trust to be without borders is praying that my trust has no boundaries,  no limitations, NOTHING that could stop me from trusting in Christ. Still, that doesn't answer what my boundaries are. What it is that I am letting stop me from keeping my eyes above the waves?

My prayer is for God to reveal those boundaries and then remove them because I sure can't seem to shake them. However, the other good thing about this song is that it reminds us of a truth we can always hold too:

May this line too deliver you comfort and hope in the midst of wherever you are in your walk with Christ.

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