Friday, March 7, 2014

Would you Re-Pin something from my life?

Source: Sweet Southern Nights

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that "inspiration" is much easier to find now-a-days than ever before.

When you think about it, all these Tumblrs, blogs, and most obviously the site Pinterest allow browsers like you and I to look at things that inspire us.

The definition of inspire is to fill with the urge or the ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  So typically what happens is we see something, an image or a saying we either relate too or think helps display a part of who we are, and then we re-pin, re-post, or react to it. All these images or sayings help build a pretty profile of ourselves for other people to look at.

Today I wondered, what if we did this more often with people. Call it discipleship, friendship, counseling, being a social human being or whatever you want, but I do wonder what would happen if we took time watching, learning, and observing the good or inspiring things in the people around us and then "repin" or "repost" them into our own lives.

I am sure for those of us who have Pinterest, our boards and profiles are full of pretty things that we hope portray that ideal version of ourselves.  We take the good from other Pinners' profiles and make it a part of ours.

There are a lot people in this world and they all have pretty parts.  (I know this because God Created them and He creates really pretty things. so ha!)   Don't you think we would all do ourselves a solid to seek the pretty parts in people, gather them all up, and reflect them in our own lives?

Although portraying a pretty version of yourself is much easier online, you do, believe it or not, have the power within you to take the good over the bad and the pretty over the ugly from people in your life.  When you realize that and begin to actually do it, you can create a beautiful being who others couldn't help but want to re-pin or repost those things into their very own lives.

So go! and be re-pinnable!

Happy Friday Everyone!

(PS- Why the Full House picture you may ask? Well duh- because I have never seen a prettier group of people-75% due to John Stamos- nor have I ever learned so many life lessons from anyone else as I did from the Tanners.)

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