Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I'm Loving.

Just a few little things that I've been loving on lately but mainly one worth sharing:

This video is of the Mrs. Meyer's behind Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products.  The creator of the product was her daughter but she named it after her "practical" mother.  This video proves why.  Not only is her first name Thelma, it was also her 81st birthday on August 12th.  Check out this video about her life. There is something so raw, simple, pleasant and yes, practical about it. We need more people like her in this world. 

Some other inspirations: 

Sweet Immunity: Everyday Detox Smoothie Recipe from The Chalkboard. (an AWESOME site, btw.)

My 5:30am Bikini Blaster Routine from Blogilates....Eventhough bikini season is almost over and I still have yet to get a summer tan! #busygirlproblems.

Blake Lively- because she always inspires me.

 Words of wisdom

 The dream water colored print version of myself.

And nautical themed decor. I am obsessed with navy.

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe weekend and remember to love on your family and friends! 

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