Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Depressing Announcements

So I get newsletters for Jason Mraz because he is awesome, right?

Well, I got one today that announced my main man is adding a new fun stop on his tour. Of course, I get intrigued and look at site, all to find out...the new addition...

It is here:

France. Hossegor, France.

So much for a fun announcement news letter.

Oh but I have a story for you:

This morning, I was making a smoothie and as I was stirring the mixture, I pushed the button. And yup, all the smoothie, blender explosions you see in the movies... It happened to me. I had smoothie thrown all over my face and yes I was all ready for the day.

It happened and I just laughed. Now I regret not taking a picture to share with you. I am sure you could have used a laugh. Hopefully the story sufficed. :)

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