Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain-Cupcakes-Movies-Backroads = Typical Monday

This rain is just crazy. And Tornadoes everywhere are crazy. Last night, my parents lost electricity and they are in for Round II tonight! Oh boy...

However, while they are dealing with storms I will be giving my last group presentation, for my last night class ever in college!! woo hoo!

I just made the PowerPoint today!! :) haha...of course I waited until that last minute..silly you for thinking I would do otherwise.

I made 42 cupcakes funfetti cupcakes yesterday. I don't care what kind of cake you order or how much you spend, you CANNOT, I repeat: CANNOT, beat the taste of that batter. It is just, I mean...I don't even have words to describe how yummy it is. Go get some now. You deserve it.

I also wrote a paper. Skipped work because of the rain. Watched Charlie St. Cloud- so good (and not just because of Mr. Gorgeous himself although he was a delightful addition). I am going to get the book though. I have a feeling it is 20x's better.

And then, to top it all off, I went back roading with my friend I call Cowboy to see all the flooding that has occurred. We saw a two story house flooded up to the second story and then we managed to drive through some pretty flooded spots while riding on the backroads, windows down, music up. mmhmm good.

No, that's not us...but I just wanted to give you a mental image. Your welcome.

And then we maybe snuck in a scoop of ice cream from Braums. (I have no self-control.)

All before I went home to finish the paper and go to bed!

Tuesday is not looking/going nearly as good. But that's okay.

Have a Happy Tuesday and if you are anywhere near the state of Arkansas, you might as well start carrying a big orange life jacket around because it won't be long before we are swimming our way to class and work.


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