Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Bedtime

Hello friends.

I spent the weekend in Little Rock. We had family dinner over at my sister's house last night. I didn't want to leave so late/ wanted to sleep in my bed so I decided to leave in the morning.

But downside: I have a 9:00am class. Therefore, my day went like this:

4:30 wake up
5:00 depart
5:30 stop for gas in Conway
6:30 stop for Venti Iced Coffee with 3 pumps SF Vanilla from Starbucks
7:30 blare music so I don't fall asleep
8:00 stop to go the bathroom in Rudy and get SF Red Bull since I am still falling asleep.
8:30 arrive to class with time to spare. Go me!
10:15 accidental two hour nap, late for work
12:45 arrive at work in Fayetteville
1:00 boss tells me I have a flat
2:00 look at my flat, think about changing it myself, but I called AAA instead since that is why we pay them.
3:00 nice AAA Man comes and puts my donut on- awesomely ghetto now.
4:00 leave for Siloam
5:00 grab salad at Arby's
5:30 class
7:30 Study Time
8:30 Talk to you. :)

It's been a long day and although I need to study for this test, my intentions are to go get my last thing of ice cream for the next month(swim suit season is coming up, hop in bed, and fall asleep to P.S. I Love You.

(Confession: When I finish this movie I can't help but declare out loud: "Yes, I love you too.")

Hope you guys had a decent Monday!! I'm gonna go home and watch him. Isn't he just lovely?


  1. I may just come crawl into bed with you... P.S. I love you too ;)

  2. I lovee P.s i love you. Its like the best movieee i have seen so farr(no i am lying i have seen others too :p) But stilll , it would be the most beautiful thing to watch before sleeping.

  3. How did you set the background of youre liking? because it isnt in the options provided by blogspoy right? I am new to this. Guideee me.

  4. If you scroll to the bottom of my page, it says "Blog template provided by chuwy". Try clicking on that and seeing where that takes you. I really don't remember where I found this one. :) Thanks for reading!


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