Monday, June 13, 2011

Time on my hands...I blog.


So I know. Three blogs in a row. Whoa. But this week I am housesitting for The Fullers and I have had a lot of time to hang out.

But here is a picture of my two best friends this week. Meet Ruby and Minnie.

Ruby, the big dog likes to chew on things. But the lovely thing is that she can open doors by herself so when she needs to use the restroom, she can just let herself outside.

Minnie, on the other hand, is just a little pest who likes to sit down right where you are about to sit. However, she is a cute little thing.

I want a dog. bad. I took Ruby in the car with me today and Mom asked me if it was because I wanted to look like one of those girls with a dog. I know that is broad but you get what I am saying. One of those girls that always has a dog and looks so cute. And even though I could never come close to looking like a cute petite dog owner with my running shorts on and coffee in hand, I still responded: yes I did.

I maybe got a few looks. Or maybe I just spilt on myself and didn't realize it. :)

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