Sunday, June 12, 2011

So not inspired Sunday...

Do you ever have the desire to just do something but you have no idea what?

I had that today so I went to Barnes and Noble after church and walked around the whole store for inspiration and I got nothing.

But, I did run into a friend. His name is Sam and he is an amazing artist...see:

This is my favorite piece of his:

This is Sam working on a piece:

And this is Sam displaying another one:

I don't know Sam that well but in case you can't tell, I am totally envious of his talent. I can't even draw a good stick figure; not exaggerating. And I just love it when I see people using their God-given talents. I mean, the boy was made to do art in case you can't already tell. Check out more of his stuff here:

Back to Barnes: After chatting with Sam, I realized The Duggers were there doing a book signing. They opened up by having the kids sing some old hymn that for the life of me I can't remember right now. It was cute.

Finally, saving the best part for last, I went to the children's section. It is so magical in there which sounds so cheezy but it just is. While I was there, I overheard this lady who was looking for a book series for her niece, asking an employee for suggestions. I tried hard to hold back my opinion but after about 2 extremely long minutes of practicing self control while the sweet employee tried to suggest things, I popped up and suggested my favorite, The Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace, and if you love the movie You've Got Mail as much as I do, you will recall the scene where Kathleen is showing Annabel a copy of the book. She says

This is her best friend Tacy, whose real
name is Anastasia, and then in the next
book Betsy and Tacy become friends with
Tib, whose real name, I am sorry to tell
you, is Thelma.

(I love movie quotes and they love me. Sorry 'bout it.)

I find it a little ironic that my favorite children's book series is about three best friends growing up together.

I started reading them in the 3rd grade and I just really couldn't help but suggest them.

Here is the original cover art for the first and second book. I would love nothing more than to have the whole series in the original print. Aren't the just so cute?! [insert inner giddy squeal] I love them!

Anyways, after suggesting them, I went into slight depression when the employee went to search for the books and told me they do not sell them there. Major fail Barnes and Noble. I am disappointed. And then to make matters worse, the employee did an epic follow up suggestion with some series about cats. Are you kidding me?! Who wants to read a fantasy book about cats?! ugh. Whatever.

On that note, I decided I had spent enough time scouring the shelves and feeling uninspired so I left. Now my plan is to go read some Harry Potter. Harry always makes things better, right? Plus, I really want to re read the last one before the movie comes out just so I can enjoy it to the upmost.

After all, the majority of the world, including myself, may go crazy once it really is all over. I have to enjoy the anticipation as long as I can.

You should do the same. Hope you can get inspired on my uninspired Sunday!


  1. Well, I'm just commenting it up today.

    Again, love this post. I totally know what you mean. Like 2 nights ago I had this sudden urge to paint and so I got everything out and then just sat there. And it was late and I was tired, but the urge wouldn't go away. I finally got something on that paper and it turned out decent.

    Oh, and I haven't quite had the inspiration to get my work done for this project I am doing either, but that is much worse than a lack of creativity to paint. Maybe I need to try B&N or something. Hmm...

  2. im inspired that somehow you walked around barnes and noble and somehow remained uninspired. im inspired to do a whole study on why females are so inspiring. they walk around so uninspired but yet the inspiration is right in front of their face.

    thanks for the inspiration to comment on an uninspiring blog post.


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