Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Mini Fairy Tale

Hello Everyone!

I told you I would tell you some stories from Florida beyond just where we stayed so, here it is. While I was in Florida, I had what I call my mini Fairy Tale because, believe it or not, I was reassured that there are still gentlemen out there and in this one, this guy was quite a catch.

First off, meet the guy aka The Fiddler.

It was Tuesday night, I believe, and the girls and I were out and about in Baytowne like usual. We made our first stop at Fat Tuesdays...

and then moved on to Funky's Blues Shack.

The girls were all having a good time, talking, dancing, and flirting with some guys that we had met earlier that day at the beach. When we got to Funky's, there was this band playing called Elizabethtown (which I find to be a great band name).

As I started to evaluate their actual talent and music, I noticed on stage the typical instruments, drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, etc...but then on the far left of the stage, I saw this boy playing the fiddle.

It didn't take two seconds for me to be somewhat captivated by him because between his smile, his awesome red hightop converse and the fact he was a talented musician, I couldn't help but sit and watch. The night continued on and I don't know if you have ever experienced this before but when there is a guy on stage that you can't stop watching, you have to do this whole 'flirt with your eyes' things since you can't really do anything else.

Oh. and let me tell you. I flirted with my eyes and gave him a few smiles that said "you are rockin that fiddle and I like it". Don't worry, it was not in a "whoreish kinda way". Promise.

As the band continued to play, they took a few breaks and although I was around, The Fiddler and I never connected. Towards 1 AM , the rest of the crew was ready to move on. I was not ready to leave but a crucial part of being a wolf pack is when one member moves, so do the rest. So I moved.

Molly and I walked around Baytowne to catch up with Kathrine and Abby. 2 AM, which is when all the bars start shutting down, was approaching fast and I knew time was running low. We went to this dance place, which was awful, and then we went back to Fats again.

At about 1:45, I grabbed Molly and said "Mollz, we just got to go back to Funky's for like two seconds." Abby and Kat were ready to go home but I wasn't. I just wanted to at least say hi to the Fiddler.

So we go back to Funky's, Molly wondering what the heck we are doing. Thankfully, the band was still playing and the Fiddler still right where I left him.

As they finished up the set, I looked at Molly and she sad "Jordan. What are we doing here? Why are we back?". So I gave her the update and then she was like well I am ready to go. Yeah, real supportive best friend right there. So out of rush, I quickly went through the logic in my brain:

This guy is right here. I am in Florida. He knows I have been "stage-flirting" with him all night. He is extremely talented. The least I can do is go say Hi and tell him he did a good job.

So I ran from Molly with a quick "Hold on", and approached the stage. I told The Fiddler, he really rocked it up there tonight and then I complimented his shoes, because I loved them. Get this. He then informs me that not only are thye high tops, but they are special edition ACDC red high top converse. I mean, I can't help it. I am a nerd but how awesome is that? I am just glad I did not bust out singing any ACDC songs or use one of their lines as a pick up line. I can see it now: "Yea, you shook me all night long with that music you were playing, handsome."


Anyways, we introduced ourselves, talked for a couple minutes but since he was cleaning up the set, he didn't have much time. So he got my number and said he would text me later on and then maybe we could hang out sometime before the end of the week.

With that, I said that would be great, walked away, and escorted Mollz back to the room, updating her along the way.

That night, he sent me a text saying how it was so nice to meet me and he's glad the converse caught my eye. Then, unlike, the boys we had already met who just want to go out to bars and hang out while I watched them get more and more liquid confidence as the night went on, The Fiddler asked me if I would want to do dinner and a movie or something.

After talking it over with the wolf pack and getting their opinions, I decided that I should go because he is making the effort, I am in Florida, and why not.

Not only did he ask, but he picked the place, without even asking me (so nice for a change), and set a date and time where he would come pick me up.

When the day finally arose, I had all the girls help me get ready as if I was going to Prom or something. We all are stupid girls as some point, right?

After they had me all dolled up, I headed downstairs at 6:25 since he was picking me up at 6:30 at my hotel. It was as I entered the elevator, that I felt like a celebrity or at least like I was on The Hills or something. I walked out the door, and the bellmen said "Have a good night, Miss" and as a I walked through the majestic lobby, the doors were opened for me and I walked outside, sat under this great awning, on this beautiful Florida night, waiting for my date to come pick me up. It was 6:30 exactly. For those of you who know me, you know I am very punctual and being late is a big pet peeve of mine. But I got a text right then that said "I'm here". I was expecting a drive up and I get in the car but once again, I was surprised and he told me he was in the lobby waiting. So I went back inside and found him. There he was, red converse and all...and so our night began.

He took me to dinner at this place called Stinky's on 30A, which was so yummy and fun.

Then we went and got ice cream before going back to Baytowne where we walked around the Marina, looking at all the yachts and boats as we strolled around on the docks.

This was a tree house off one of the docks to the Marina that we explored. It was there we decided to create a treehouse bar but then decided it would be to risky since drunk people would fall out of it. We would get sued left and right.

The night was so much fun. The Fiddler was such a gentleman and we got along so well. He is one of those guy's with the Midas Touch which means he is good at pretty much everything. He is an engineering major, yet can play almost any stringed instrument. He loves to travel, oh and bonus for me: he used to play in this celtic band for multiple years. So cute.

I saw him two more times over the next week while we were in Watercolors. We were able to hang out and he took Kat and I (the second best way to win me over, take out my best friends with us) to the same Irish Pub we went to last year which serves my favorite Irish drink on tap that you can't get anywhere near Arkansas. Magners. God's gift of cider to the world.

My date with the Fiddler was beyond expectations. Apparently, my expectations had been thwarted during my high school and college years to the point where I didn't expect anything from a guy except to initiate hanging out. The Fiddler changed that and reminded me that there are still good guys out there who can take the lead in just little ways.

He not only asked out but planned the date, paid for everything, was so easy to get a along with and did not talk about himself the whole time, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek when he saying goodnight, and told me he would love to go out again the next week if I could escape from nannying.

This is why I call this my mini fairy tale, because for the first time in a long time, I felt a little like a princess. I felt pursued and I felt taken care of. All thanks to a Fiddle Player with an amazing smile and his red ACDC converse.

The End.


  1. Wasn't this when you were still dating clayton?


  2. A) no she is not a slut. B) you're just jealous. C) you should probably grow a pair, it's obvious you don't have any because you have to comment anonymously. Boomface in your face.


    Oh and this was two weeks ago. So no she wasn't with Clayton.

  3. Ahhahahahaa, Kat if I could like your comment I so would. I love this whole entire blog entry so so much!

  4. "the" Zach BurksJune 12, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    Fiddler on the roof??

  5. Kat, I second what you said. Somebody is obviously a little behind on the times.

    Jordan: LOVE THE POST. Seriously. I felt kinda like I was sitting on your bedroom floor with ice cream listening to you tell it. Yay!


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