Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Adventures

Sunday was my birthday!

Typically, I am not a big fan of birthdays but for the sake of being alive, I try and celebrate every year, regardless. This year was the first time in years I haven't been in Florida. Obviously, it is hard to beat that when in Little Rock, but I will admit, with my two co-pilots, we did a heck of a job.

Saturday night, we shut Little rock down.

and we woke it back up.

A couple lesson we learned on Saturday night:

1. Never take Dos Equis from your dad's fridge on a Saturday night because it can't be refilled on Sunday.

2. When all else fails, go for the tall boys at the local gas stations. AND only creepy guys who say "what's up sexy" while you're choosing a beverage and comment on the lighting of your license picture and then continue to explain how you are a photographer "of sorts", are to be found there. Gross.

3. Saturday night at the airport is not a bad night to see some old friends and make some new friends. In fact, it can lead to a paid for birthday dinner downtown, a parking lot chase, and a challenge to a baggo tournament aka: fun times.

4. "Going out" in Downtown Little Rock can be fun. In fact, if you are lucky, you may run into some random acquaintances and seven guys from the Netherlands.

5. However, being the "locals", you become responsible for providing the fun once all the downtown places close at 1:00am.

6. No matter what, don't ever go to Disco. The place is horrible and we do and will judge anyone that goes in there. I believe we all needed to shower as soon as we left even though we were only there for 10 minutes from the nasty germs that were floating in the air. If for some unforsaken reason you have to go there, do yourself a favor: a bring an oxygen tank, gloves, and goggles. Heck, do yourself an even bigger favor and bring a whole body suit.

7. Electric Cowboy is worth the drive. It was a first time visit for the Trio but it was surprisingly fun. Big dance floor, country music, guy in a wheelchair who could dance better than me, no on dancing up on me (PTL), and everyone having fun!!

8. Going back to the truck to find a new friend, right were you left him, asleep, sitting up means he has had way too much fun.

9. Guys from The Netherlands are way goofy and so much fun.

10. Looking at the sky and noticing that the sun is coming up is always an unexpected surprise. Time flies when you are having fun!!

11. McDonalds does start serving breakfast at 5am. Thank goodness for their breakfast bagels.

12.Covering every part of Little Rock, including Benton and Maumelle, is possible.

13. Whoever said three is a crowd has obviously never had Molly and Kathrine as their best friends.

14. A fun birthday in Little Rock is possible.

And that was just the night before the birthday. I had all of Sunday to celebrate, including pool time, nap time, family cook-out, and as is tradition, a family baggo tourney. Congrats to Damon and Abby: the winners!!

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