Monday, August 9, 2010

Three Things

1) I finished reading Eat, Pray, Love- If you are going to read it, just read the first two sections. By the end of the book you are hoping you realize how everything she is doing is so close to God but she ends up being so far. And it depressed me... but I still loved the Italy and Indonesia section.

2) I have never been so thankful for my friends. It is bizarre how rare friends like mine are to find and I am so thankful for them. This summer has been so fun and I am just so thankful to God for putting certain people into my life. I just had to say something.

3) In an earlier post, I talked about being selfish. I am calling B.S. on my self and I am ready to move on. Over the selfishness. Well, at least, I am over trying to justify it. :)

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh...i felt the exact same way about eat pray love. the whole time i loved it so much and the end made me depressed.


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