Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rain & Oil & Martinis

For the past couple of days during our stay in Florida, these three things have been a constant.

The first few days, the oil was limited and the sun was out. However, those days passed quickly and now Hurricane Alex is having an effect on the coast and the oil is washing up more and more each day. The rain, I can deal with because it will come and go but as I have found out is one thing hearing about the oil spill on TV and then coming down and actually seeing it in person as it attaches to our bodies and swimsuits while being pushed ashore.

As previously noted, we have been coming to Sandestin for five years so it almost feels like our vacation home. When I personally saw the oil coming ashore, it was a terrible feeling because even for me, it felt like a little piece of my home was being destroyed. I cannot imagine how the locals feel.

Kathrine and I have met a ton of people here and everyone seems to be suffering a little bit because of the oil spill. It is just so sad to see the beautiful beaches being contaminated. I went for a run yesterday on the beach and ran into a clean up crew picking up the tar balls. I hate it.

However, on a more positive note, The Village is still the same and being 21 makes it even better! Kathrine and I have been having so much fun. We have met a ton of people, not to mention becoming best friends with the bar tenders. The other night Kat and I decided to have our first martini at the martini bar. TJ, the bartender, fixed us up real good and later that night we saw him at a different bar. It was there he told us that we could make up our own drink and bring it to him tomorrow to get a free one. The only requirement was that the name for the martini had to be "Field of Dreams". (Which I promised TJ I would rent and watch soon)

So Kat and I went to the martini bar last night again, TJ was there, we picked our own drinks and then together we sat and made up our Field of Dreams concoction. It consists of pomegranate juice, pomegranate vodka, Malibu rum, and pineapple juice. And let me tell you, it is seriously the best drink I have had so far. And not only did we make up the martini but the other two we had were paid for by a gentlemen and his girlfriend who looked like Jessica Alba, all because we went to Ireland.

I love it here.

We only have one day left and the rain is killing me. However, hopefully it will do some good and keep the oil away from the shore.

I will post more pictures of our trip soon.

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