Friday, June 25, 2010

We Made It!

We made it to Florida and the trip was not too shabby. The first thing Kat and I did once we got checked in: worked out. Sitting that long in the car made us feel like whales. We had to fix that.

The trip was actually quite fast. Kat and I spent a few hours sleeping, reading, and checking out the old plantation houses that we dreamed about restoring.

I can easily picture myself living on a plantation. Although I have never been a fan of the deep south, the plantation houses are a very convincing factor. The history and the beauty of them from back in the day to what they can be now is absolutely magnificent. I mean, I could just not say no to one of these:

Once we got here, we received some devastating news...The Wild Olive, which is the correct name of the restaurant we named our GPS after, was closed for a private party. I think I almost shed a tear in the car because they have these stuffed jalapenos that are to die for. However, the waiter suggested a sushi place called Bamboo so we ventured out and ate some sushi. The restaurant was actually really fun, good environment and good food. I got the usual, Creamy Crunchy Crab with rice paper.

Desert for the night: the new snack size McFlurries from McDonald's. Genius! I love whoever came up with them. I will be an even more frequent visitor of McDonald's at night during my last year of college.

To end the night, the eve of my 21st birthday, Kathrine and I took a trip to the good ole Sam Walton, aka: Wal Mart. And here are the two good buys we made: a cute summer hat for the beach and a swimsuit cover up. Check them out:

Now we are hanging out at the hotel, waiting on the rest of the family to get here, and soon....I will be turning 21.


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