Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tomorrow: Roadtrip to Florida

Tomorrow we are leaving for our 5th Annual Summer Vacation to Sandestin, Florida. The trip is about 10 hours to Crestview, FL where we will spend our first night and eat at this amazing, local restaurant called The Green Olive. (We named our GPS after it...Ms. Olive)

Early Saturday we will drive the last hour to Sandestin, go straight to the beach, and begin to soak up the sun until early afternoon. After the beach we will go check in at our condo, get unpacked, make a grocery list, and go shopping at Publix. This is the routine we follow every year.

During our road trip my goal is to at least finish the fourth Twilight book which I have been halfway finished with for about a year and then to begin one of the four books I wanted to read this summer: Eat, Pray, Love. I tend to read books half way through but I am really trying to finish them. I am just having a very hard time with "Breaking Dawn".

Below are just a couple of the things that I am looking forward to while we are in Florida despite the fact the tar balls are on their way. Nothing is going to stop our fun. I can promise this.

Because of my recent addiction to biking as my form of exercise, I made sure we had bikes rented for the week. Kathrine, my best friend, and I will be riding these bikes everyday around the resort and we are both so pumped. Half the clothes we packed were workout clothes.

The second thing Kathrine and I are both excited about is the local bagel shop. This shop is owned by a lady from England and their cinnamon crunch bagel beats the crap out of Panera's. We will probably eat what we bike off every morning at the bagel shop.

The village is probably the collective favorite of my family. It is so much fun. The night life is always buzzing with people of all ages, live music is constantly playing representing all genres, there is a dock that goes out to bay which hosts a ton of gorgeous yachts we admire during sunset, a movie is shown on the grass every Wednesday, a huge fishing tournament is usually going on at the Marina and of course, lots of fun little shops that we all love to browse through. The Village is great and even if the beach is closed, The Village is one of the best parts of our time there and we will still be able to thoroughly enjoy it.

And finally, to begin the week, I will be turning 21 on Saturday. Now, I usually don't get very excited about birthdays but since I will A. be turning 21 and B. be in Florida, I am going to try and have as much fun as possible.

This week is going to be so much fun and I just wish all my other favorite people in life could be here to enjoy it with me.

Here's to the Summer Vacation 2010! It will be over before I know it!

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