Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remember that "Mini Fairy Tale" guy?!

Back in June I wrote a blog called "My Mini Fairy Tale".

It was about my friend whom I refer to as The Fiddler because that is what he was doing when I decided I wanted to meet him. He was playing in a band at this bar called Funky's in Baytowne Wharf of Sanddestin, FL. 

Recently, and by recently I mean about a month ago, he posted a video on his YouTube site of him playing with a guy named, Sharif Iman. Without even hearing him play, you know he is cool because: A. His name is Sharif which sounds like sheriff (who wouldn't want that name). B. He has super long dreads and is a musician (that's two, I know) and C. well...he is black. :) Had to throw that in there. 

Anyways, in this video, the two play a song called "Take Me Now" and instead of me writing about how good it is and how extremely talented they are, you should just watch. 

Especially watch around minute 3:45. That's when the fiddle solo comes in. Whew. I love it.

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