Saturday, August 20, 2011

5 Things I Love and... some personal info.

For being 'jobless', I sure have been a very busy girl lately.

I am working "part time" at this clothing stores in the Heights called Kristen Chase. It is a fun, little designer boutique and it definitely feeds my "wanna be a fashion guru" side. However, I say "part time" because I really have been working non-stop, full time for the most part.  Even though I only started in August,  I am now the oldest person here because the other girls I worked with left to go to school. So now, I am the 'most experienced' one at the store which means I work the most. However, I am not complaining. I like to stay busy and I also like the paycheck. :)

Last week, however, I filled in for my sister, Abby, at her job while she went back to Florida for a week with her boyfriend and his family. Yes, I know, I am good sister. I worked every day the chiropractor (Natural State Chiropractor) and every hour I wasn't there, I was back at Kristen Chase. It was crazy. 

I have started going to the chiropractor regularly now. I didn't even know that I had any spinal issues. I was the only one in my family who didn't have any complaints or pain but Dr. Bishop (my chiropractor) wanted to scan me anyways. Turns out, my top two neck bones are fused together, my neck is curved in the opposite direction, and I have border-line scoliosis. Awesome, right? My neck is worst than my Dad's and if you know you my Dad, you know he can barely even turn his neck to the left or right due to arthritis. We try not to make fun too much but sometimes we can't help it. He looks a little like Frankenstein when he tries to move/ turn any direction. 

Anyways, I have a new found passion for chiropractic work and I think everyone should go. Yes, EVERYONE. I have a whole schpeel as to why but I will save that for later.

Okay there is a lot more to tell but I don't really know if it is worth sharing because bottom line, you have a life to get back too and don't have time to sit and read the boring details of my life. :)

But just for fun, here are some things I have fallen in love with lately (besides the chiropractor) and I think you should fall in love with them too....

1) Almond Butter with Celery Sticks. (as a part of this chiropractic thing, I have been trying to eat a lot healthier because...well...if I explain it... I will ramble on with the schpeel I promised for later. I know you can't wait. But I just am because I need too.) 

I usually eat it with apples, celery, or add a teaspoon to a morning smoothie as a great addition. Here is a way to make it homemade since it is not cheap in the store. (Homemade Organic Almond Butter)

 2. Jeans Shorts

I bought both of these pairs of jeans shorts this summer and I am in love with both of them. The Hudson's are absolutely perfect with any top from a silk top and pumps to my personal favorite, a t-shirt and converse. The Joe's are great also for a casual outfit and are super comfortable and not so short. I have another pair that I cut off myself in attempts to "get rid of some of my jeans" as my mom told me I should. Ha. So sneaky.  Bottom line, they aren't necessarily cheap but they are totally worth it. In my opinion, jeans can make or break an outfit.

My mom picked up this cookbook for me and it is like my new favorite book. Just kidding, but seriously.  The author, Erin Bolger, writes down comical stories of her dating life that almost every girl can identify with and then gives a recipe to match the story. (ex: My Mom Didn't Like You Anyway's Cupcakes) I love love love it. And because of it, I am now obsessed with baking again. However, due to my health kick, I have yet to attempt the recipes. That will change this week and I will let you know how they turn out. But seriously, this is a perfect gift for any single friend of your's or even for yourself. :) 

4. Style Mint. This is Mary Kate and Ashley Olson's new t-shirt line they just started. If you go to the website, they do a mini-quiz to personalize your style.  Then they give you the top four picks and you can choose which ones you like. All shirts are $29.99 so you will not be breaking the budget and they look super comfortable and cute. I am going to buy one today, hopefully. The system they have for it is pretty cool. If you want to know more, just go look at the website! :)

I think I may be a little behind on the times but I have recently fell in love with this website and the concept of it. You can browse the web, "pin" the items, pictures, ideas, or things that you love and it will automatically go to your pinterest site for you and your followers to see. It is perfect for me when I don't have time to blog and it is also a great place to tag things I don't have time to look at but want to later!! You should join and then follow me. I think you can just search my full time. I think....

Anyways, that's all for now! Have a great Saturday and if I haven't seen you recently, just know that I miss you. I miss all my friends today for some reason! 


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