Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bryan Adams - "CMT Crossroads - Bryan Adams and Jason Aldean 2 - "Heaven""

Bryan Adams - "CMT Crossroads - Bryan Adams and Jason Aldean 2 - "Heaven"": "CMT Crossroads - Bryan Adams and Jason Aldean 2 - 'Heaven'"

This weekend was amazing.

The Trio went to the Jason Aldean and Eric Church concert in Little Rock.
Yes, I know many find this a flaw, the fact that I love country music, but I can't deny my love for it and in particular, these two men...

That's Eric.

That's Jason.

I am undeniably head over heels for them. Their music and their voices are like an instant feel good pill to my heart.

A little dramatic? I think so.

The link above is to a show that Jason Aldean did with Bryan Adams (famous for his 80's and early 90's music such as Heaven, Summer of '69)and Jason Adlean did a cover of his song "Heaven."

Bottom line: I can't listen to it enough. I wasn't sure if he was going to sing it at his concert just because it isn't his song. But I like to think God sent it as a gift for me and in the middle of his concert I heard the first few notes and yes, I screamed like a 7th grade girl did at an NSync concert when they sang "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You." (That title is way too long.)

But listen to it and try not to fall in love with it. And if you can't stand twangy country music, too bad.

It's great.

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