Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama - Ending


I know, I have not blogged in forever. When I am on break from school, I usually stay far away from my computer. However, school starts in one day and I was going to wait to blog until I got back to Siloam...but a snow storm came and blanketed our little town of Little Rock. We were snowed in for half of the day yesterday, all of the day today, and probably until tomorrow afternoon. So...boredom sets in and the computer becomes a source of entertainment.

Molly and Kathrine have been over here the whole time which has been a lifesaver. We played in the snow, walked some places, snow sledded around neighborhoods pulled behind a Tahoe with some friends, and watched lots of movies. Yay. I just love snow days. Especially when they can set back my departure to Siloam Springs, where I will have to go finish my last semester of College and then become a grown-up.

AGHHHHHHHHHH. freak out moment. AGHHHHHHHHHHH. breathe. and done.

Anyways, these are the movies The Trio (Molly, Kat, and I) have watched.

Such a great movie. Living in the North and the South, I can truly say that the stereotypes portrayed by each "culture context" are pretty dang accurate.

The first half was better than the last half. I really like Emma Stone though and I think she played the role amazingly. I would give it a 7. There was just some unnecessary stuff in it towards the end but it was pretty funny.

Yes, Molly and Kat suckered me into it. It's not that I hate the movie, I just hate how unrealistic it is. Guys aren't like him. And if they are, then frick, they somehow stay far away from my side of the tracks. However, the movie really is a great love story and amazingly enough it was written by a male: Nicholas Sparks. I heart him.

I made the other two watch this after we watched the sappy love story. This movie is one of my all time favorites. I saw it for the first time in Ireland. It is depressing to some but so raw and realistic, and gives a very unique perspective to the Holocaust from a kid's point of view. If you haven't seen it, rent it, grab a tissue box, enclose yourself in a room and watch it. Just make sure you don't have to go to a wedding or something happy and cheery afterwards. You will officially earn the title of "Party Pooper".

That's all for now.

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