Sunday, October 24, 2010

Such is life...

One thing God chose not to gift me with was the gift of art. I just suck at it. my older brother and sister, they are great at it. But Jordan- nope, can't draw a decent stick figure if her life depended on it... But IF I could draw something other than an awesome 3D box or a star, which can still turn out terribly, I would draw a picture of me, with a one ton weight labeled "Reality" dropping on my head.

Story time:

As usual on Sundays, I decided to stay in Fayetville after church to begin doing some homework because I can't work in Siloam at my house and my Cafe on Broadway is not open on Sundays. And yes, I mean "my".

A friend told me to try out this place called Arsagas. I had heard of it but never been. However, after driving by the first one, it was too crowded and I wasn't getting a good vibe. I have to have a good atmosphere vibe in order to be productive.

Anyways, I drive past Arsaga's and continue on thinking there is always Barnes, Starbucks, or Panera. So I drove by Starbacks...packed. outlet to plug in my dead computer. Panera: I wanted a coffee drink, theirs suck.

What do I do now? Well, I proceed to procrastinate, drive around for about a half hour, windows down, listening to music, thinking slowly about what to do about this predicament.

Then I remember, there is another Arsagas by the place I work. Well, "what the heck" I thought. I may as well drive across town once again and go check it out. So I did. And I walk inside and I am not getting the good homework vibe atmosphere. I don't know if is the tiled gray floor, the loud foreign kid who wants everyone in the coffee shop to know he how feels about Trigonometry or some really smart subject I really care to know nothing about, or it could have been the retro-covered seats that made me feel like I was at an 50's old fashioned diner. Those of course made me want to do the hand jive instead of actually study. Well, whatever it was, I was close to walking out because there were no seats at the moment either. But fate stepped in and a guy stood up and left leaving a table perfectly sized for all the homework I could cover it with, an outlet close by, and a complete view of the whole place so I can keep an eye on the strangers around me. "Maybe I should give it a chance", I decided.

So I put my stuff down and got in line for drink.

And oh geeze, the drink menu: intense. But a lot of good options. I, of course, didn't make up my mind until I asked for advice from the barista who was extremely sweet and made up for all negative feelings so far, noticing I was sick and talking to me about school.

Oh yes, I am sick. An atrocious head cold was a part of the ton that has been dropped on my head today making me sound even more like a man than I naturally do when I speak.

So, after I was all mentally satisfied with being here at Arsega's, I got phsyched about my drink, Pumpkin Spice Late (extra cinnamon please!), and began to feel like I was headed uphill from here...

I sit down, get settled, start working, take my first sip of my delicately chosen pumpkin spice latte and yup...

I can't taste a(pardom my french) damn thing.

Really? I mean, REALLY?!? After ALLLLLL of this.

Such is life today.

So there at sat, at this new coffee shop, sipping on a hot tasteless latte, feeling gravity pull even harder on the weight that is pushing down on me.

I spent the next 2 and 1/2 hours reading about midterm elections, watching Full House clips on YouTube, Ranger School videos on YouTube, and attempting to do some homework, only successfully completing one of the many assignments.

Go me!

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