Monday, June 10, 2013

Gossip Girl Obsession

In case you don't know who those girls are, 
that is Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen, the fictional characters of Gossip Girl.

And as of late, Kathrine and I have developed a slight obsession with Gossip Girl.
And by slight, I mean we think about it all day, 
compare everything in our lives to it, and 
rotate our whole schedules around how many episodes we can fit in.

In one episode in particular, Blair and Serena, who are eternal best friends despite their frequent dramatized arguments, find themselves gossiping about the latest Gossip Girl news.  In the scene, they are both wearing beautiful silk pajamas and look way too pretty to be sitting in bed talking. While watching the episode, Kathrine and I simultaneously paused, looked at each other, and said "why don't we have fancy pajamas?" A comment which is followed by an outburst of pathetic and self-ashamed laughter. 

As you can surely suspect, everything about the lives that Serena and Blair lead are completely and utterly unrealistic. But still, even at 23, the thought of living the lives of Serena Vanderwoodsen and Blair Waldorf is so completely captivating and enchanting that on a Wednesday night, two girls in Little Rock, AR find themselves at Target buying fancy pajamas 
 and martini glasses before continue the watch party just because we want and that's what S. and B. would do.
True story.

I know, I know. Pretty pathetic.  
But as Kat says "never apologize for partying" and this obsession is something
 I will not be sorry about because

a. the show is good. I promise. 
b. it is a good deployment distraction.
c. it is something fun to do that doesn't equal an over consumption of liquid or solid calories or a depletion of the bank accounts.  (Unless of course we eat a gallon of rocky road ice cream within four days.  Another true story.) 
d. I will always welcome living vicariously through the drama of fictional lives
as long as it not realistic in mine. 

So there was really no point to this blog, other than talking about my new obsession   I guess the take-away could be, don't be ashamed about the things that you love. 
 Do things that make you happy and do things that although pathetic, dumb, embarrassing, or child-like, keep you young, awesome, and exciting about life. 
Honestly, a year ago I probably would have kept this obsession a shameful secret, but at some point I learned to stop caring. Life gets a lot easier.  

Just be who you want to be. 

Gossip Girl...
eerrrr... I mean...Jordan. 

(PS- I still will judge whoever for watching the Bachelorette. :) ) 

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