Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Ross!

I always knew there was a good reason as to why Ross was my favorite character on Friends. Besides his nerdy side he has that I find completely charming, his witty send of humor I find hilarious, and his handsome, in his own kind of Ross way, face; Ross, known in the real world as David Schwimmer, has continued his amazing career by becoming a director.

Tomorrow, Friday April 1, his first film, “Trust”, is being released. Although I do find the fact that he is now a director admirable, the content and purpose behind this movie is what makes me proud and once again confirms the fact he is still my favorite Friends character.

Schwimmer’s new film offers a very intimate look at the realities of online sexual predators. In the film, a 14-year-old Annie, innocently starts chatting with a, who she thought was a 16-year-old, boy named Charlie via a chat room. However, after some conversation Annie realizes that Charlie is not exactly who she thought but when asked to meet up with him, still agrees to do so. During this meeting, Annie finds out that Charlie is 35-year-old man and is then raped by him.

Obviously the content of this film is heavy and serious. However, Schwimmer has been on the Board of Directors with the Rape Foundation for 10 years and it is a subject he takes very seriously. His goal is to use this film to present the realistic dangers of the internet for young teens. This film is produced to help strike up conversations between parents and children about online safety because online sexual predators are out there and with today’s internet, being a victim of one is far too easy.

This is why I appreaciate Schwimmer. Because unlike his co-stars, Matthew Perry (Chandler), Jennifer Ansiton (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), or Matt LeBlanc (Joey), who have continued their acting careers, some more successful than others, Schwimmer not only tried something new but he is making a difference. He has found a cause to believe in and is using his talents to support something that is very real and threatening to our generation.

In one interview with Fox, Schwimmer talks about the loss of innocence in this generation so saturated with sex. He said “I think it is a shame and I find it pretty disturbing to see a huge billboard in New York – you see a young girl that looks 15 maybe, although you can’t tell. You’re like, ‘wait a minute she’s in her underwear on the floor of a dirty hotel room or something.’ But you just drive by and you’re used to it. I think it’s a problem, and it contributes to [rape.]”

Finally! A celebrity that gets it! A celebrity that is finding a reason to fight against the sex crazed world and admits that it is not a good thing. He admits that all of the sexual innuendos and racy photos that surround people every day do not improve life. They only devalue us as humans. 15 year olds should not be photographed in their underwear! I am so thankful that Schwimmer has recognized this and is doing something about it.

The film is rated R which will limit viewers; however, I hope that parents will go see this film and realize the importance and severity of online predators. This is not something that just happens to a few unfortunate children. It happens everywhere, all the time, and it all starts with a few “innocent” instant messages when parents aren’t looking. It happens enough to make a TV show out of it. CNN’s “To Catch a Predator” is no longer on-air but is a show that I and many of my friends have watched in which the host, Chris Hanson, catches online sexual predators through starting chats online and luring them to meet at a location where he then has them arrested.

It is a sad reality. I am just so thankful that Schwimmer, my Ross, is using his time and passions to do something good by helping bring awareness and hopefully putting a stop to one of the most dangerous situations many young children can far too easily find themselves in. Way to go Ross. I am so proud.


  1. Great article and I agree that it is encouraging to see someone in Hollywood passionate about a cause and willing to commit personal reasources (not just money) to make a difference.

  2. Thanks Daddy! Your comments bring the biggest smile to my face! :)


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