Monday, November 29, 2010

Edicts from Lucky

I was reading Lucky Magazine and they had 100 edicts that the editors live by. Here are the 15 top ones I circled.

1. Hair: Blow-dry to the side rather than (or in addition to) upside down for volume.

2. No beauty product can do for you what eights hours of sleep can.

3. Always have at least one black-tie dress in your closet in case of last minute celebrating.

4. Buy clothes that you will wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday- few people lead Saturday-night lives.

5. Packing: Roll, never fold.

6. Never get on an airplane without a chasmere blanket or huge scarf.

7. Most useless advice from a salesperson: "You can wear it with jeans."

8. Things that look crappy on a hanger could look gorgeous once you put them on.

9. If something is expensive, leave it behind for 24 hours. If you are still obsessed with it the next day, buy it.

10. The one remaining style rule to never break: no more than three colors in one outfit.

11. Your waist isn't wear you think it is. It's about three inches higher. Put another way: the most flattering spot for a waisted dress to hit is just under the rib cage.

12. By age 30, every women should own three pairs of comfortable flats, three pairs of walkable heels, and two pards of total sexpot stilettos.

13. In life you will need four bags a big, slouchy weekend one; two good-looking but practical work ones; and a sleek evening one. Minimum.

14. A leather jacket looks great with a party dress.

15. Pairing a boyish piece with a girly one will make you look like you know how to dress.

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