Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Sunday Plans

Today, I have a huge project to start and finish.

It is raining outside which is a good thing so I will get work done.

I am in my bed. I woke up at 8, had Special K with fresh strawberries. Decided to splurge and go to a friend's house for a side order of hash browns from the one and only Cathy's Corner here in Siloam Springs and a cup of Joe.

Now, I am back at the apartment and sbout to watch the online campus sermon from Fellowship in Little Rock, if they get the streaming to work. Then, I will begin my project while watching the four following show, three of which I rented from Redbox on my way home.

Wish me luck. Happy Sunday everyone! :)

(This show is called The League. And it is a bunch of dirty guy humor. But it is hilarious. I only recommend this to a select few and the majority of them are not the ones who would take time to read my blog. :) Just saying. )


  1. I love you Jordan! I love that you would eat something healthy for your body (Special K), then watch a sermon that will be healthy for your soul, then laugh while doing something intellectually stimulating (watching funny movies while doing home work - gotta love that). You are healthy in every way :) I read your blog! Love and hugs, Jodi

  2. I wanna see Tangled so badly. And I just got the Social Network the other day for real cheap. Why not have the movie 'loosely' based on the biggest social device of our time? ayyy

  3. i freaking love the league. the episode where taco sings the birthday song...i was dying.


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